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Checklist for Inspectors: Before Election Day

  • Attend class of instruction to receive Official Ballots and voting supplies. Sign and return ballot and equipment receipts.
  • Record total number of ballots received on Line 1 of Ballot Statement (front cover of Combined Roster). Number of ballots received is on copy of Ballot Receipt received at class.
  • Verify supplies received with Supply Packing List (inside Supply Box lid). Check all containers for supplies; call Registrar of Voters immediately if supplies are missing. (707) 565-6817 or Toll Free: (800) 750-8683

    Note: if you receive special supplies to modify the polling place to make it accessible to voters with disabilities, you are REQUIRED to follow the instructions for set up in the “Compliance Plan” (white envelope with disability symbol).

  • Contact all clerks 1 week before Election Day (see Notice of Appointment for names and phone numbers). Remind them to report to the Polling Place at 6:00 AM on Election Day. If you are unable to contact a clerk, call Registrar of Voters immediately.
  • Call polling place Contact Person (see Notice of Appointment) 1 week before Election Day to confirm you will have access to the Polling Place at 6:00 AM Election Day.
  • Store ballots, equipment, and supplies in a dry, secure place. Do not tamper or practice with Disabled Access Unit (DAU) equipment. Contact Registrar of Voters if you would like to practice setting up/using the equipment.
  • Charge cell phone battery; practice using device, as needed.
  • Use list of voters who requested a Vote by Mail ballot, and use the procedures below to update your Combined Roster and Precinct – Street Indices. Voters on this list requested a Vote by Mail ballot after the Combined Roster was printed. If a voter is marked “VBM” in the Combined Roster, that voter must surrender his/her Vote by Mail ballot to vote at polls, or vote a provisional ballot.
    1. Locate names of Vote by Mail voters on Combined Roster; draw a line through each voter’s name; write “VBM” on the line next to voter’s name.

      Note: if a name appears on the list, but you cannot find it on the Combined Roster, this is OK. These voters were added after it was printed. You do not need to write the name in, or notify Registrar of Voters.

    2. Locate names of Vote by Mail voters on Precinct – Street Index with blue ribbon by locating voters’ addresses; draw a line through each voter’s name.
  • Review Safety section for other important information (in gray binder).
  • Review “Special Circumstances at the Polls” (in gray binder). Discuss with clerks on Election Day.
  • Review “Polling Place Set Up” Diagrams (PDF: 52 kB) (in gray binder).