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Instructions for Processing Voters

  • Announce voter’s name and address.
  • Locate voter’s name on Combined Roster.

    Note: In a Presidential Primary Election, verify voter’s political party.

    1. If “ID Required” is indicated next to voter’s name, ask voter to provide identification. See “Special Circumstances at the Polls” (in gray binder). If voter is unable to provide identification, issue a Provisional ballot. These voters registered by mail but have not provided required information; Federal law requires they do so before voting for the first time in a Federal Election.
    2. If “Vote by Mail” (VBM) is indicated next to voter’s name, ask voter to surrender his/her Vote by Mail ballot. See to “Processing Vote by Mail Voters” (next page). If voter is unable to surrender Vote by Mail ballot, issue a Provisional ballot.
    3. If you cannot locate voter’s name on Combined Roster:
      1. Ask voter if he/she received a late registrant postcard. If voter has a late registrant postcard, confirm voter is in the correct polling place; copy voter name/address on Supplemental List of Voters (inside Combined Roster). Process voter as usual following steps below; or
      2. Check back of County Voter Information Guide for polling place; or
      3. Ask the voter if he/she has moved recently. Call ROV to locate the correct polling place (707) 565-6800 or 1 (800) 750-8683 toll free). See “Special Circumstances at the Polls: Voter Moved” for specific information on how the voter’s move may affect where he/she may vote.
    4. If inactive is indicated next to voter name, ask voter to verify the address pre-printed in Combined Roster. If same, process as usual with steps below. If different, process as provisional voter. REMEMBER: if address is different, voter does not sign Combined Roster.
  • Line through voter’s name on Combined Roster with a single line. Do not draw through the bar code.
  • Ask voter to print address AND sign upside down in spaces provided next to pre-printed name in Combined Roster. If the voter’s pre-printed address in incorrect, voter does not sign Combined Roster; process as a provisional voter.
  • Ask voter to print address, then sign on blank signature line next to pre-printed name in Combined Roster. If the voter’s pre-printed address is incorrect, ask the voter to print correct address in space provided, then process as a provisional voter.
  • Locate cross reference (“X-ref”) number printed next to voter’s name on Alpha Index.
  • Write cross reference number on the Street Address Update List.

    Note: If voter had a late registrant postcard, there is no cross reference number, so write “X” instead.

  • Once each hour until 6:00 PM use Street Address Update List to cross voters who have voted off the Precinct – Street Index with blue ribbon. (See “X-Ref How To” sample in gray Precinct Binder).
  • When a voting booth is available, issue ballot card(s), Mark-A-Vote pen (without cap), and secrecy envelope to voter. Note: In a Presidential Primary Election, provide the correct party ballot. Carefully review all special instructions provided. Voters who do not select a party preference when registering to vote or register with an unqualified party (“NPP”) may request the ballot of a party that allows NPP voters to vote in their Presidential Primary election. For these voters, check the box on the Combined Roster of the party ballot issued.
  • After voter returns with ballot card(s) enclosed in secrecy envelope, retrieve Mark-A-Vote pen and replace cap.
  • Make sure all ballot card(s) are in secrecy envelope with stubs at the top. If any ballot card(s) are upside down, hand secrecy envelope back to voter for voter to correct.
  • Either voter or a pollworker may remove stub(s) from ballot card(s) and drop ballot (enclosed in secrecy envelope) into Ballot Box.
  • Hand stubs to voter and give voter an “I Voted” sticker (if available).
  • Repeat steps (above) until everyone who is in line up to and including 8:00 PM is allowed to vote.
  • At 8:00 PM declare polls closed. If there is a line at 8:00 PM, post a pollworker at end of line to signify that polls are closed.