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Instructions for Processing Provisional Voters

A voter may be issued a Provisional Ballot if his/her eligibility cannot be determined at the polls. Some examples of this are:

  1. A voter whose name does not appear on the Combined Roster.
  2. A Vote by Mail voter who wished to vote at the polls but who does not have his/her Vote by Mail ballot to surrender.
  3. A voter who claims to have a political party preference other than that shown on Combined Roster.
  4. A voter who moved within the county but failed to reregister.
  • Take a pink Provisional ballot envelope out of your supplies. Remove attached voter information/explanation sheet and give to voter.
  • Complete precinct and reason for issuing. Fill in political party (in Primary election only).
  • Ask voter to complete voter’s information on pink Provisional ballot envelope and have voter sign envelope.
  • Ask voter to legibly print his/her information on pink Provisional ballot envelope and have voter sign the envelope. Remember: provisional voters do not sign the Combined Roster. The ballot cannot be counted without a signature on the envelope!
  • When voting booth is available, issue Official Ballot card(s), Mark-A-Vote pen (without cap), Pink secrecy envelope, and Pink Provisional ballot envelope.

    Note: in a Presidential Primary Election, provide party ballot requested by voter if you are unable to verify voter’s party preference.

  • After voter returns with ballot card(s) enclosed in pink secrecy envelope, retrieve Mark-A-Vote pen and replace cap.
  • Ask voter to insert ballot into pink Provisional ballot envelope.
  • Check to be sure all information on pink Provisional ballot envelope is AND the voter signed the envelope; drop into Ballot Box.