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Checklist for Inspectors & Clerks: Closing the Polls

  • At 8:00 PM declare polls closed. If necessary, place a clerk at end of line of voters. Allow everyone who is in line at 8:00 PM to vote; anyone who arrives after 8:00 PM shall not be allowed to vote.
  • Remove all materials posted inside and outside Polling Place. Return posters to Supplies for Posting folder. Don’t forget to collect all modification supplies (TIP: review list in white “Compliance Plan” envelope).
  • Place Supplies for Closing folder on table. Remove contents as needed.
  • Count and pack unused ballots; you must complete steps 1-7 before opening Ballot Box.
    1. Record beginning and ending serial numbers of all unused ballots (by party in Primary election) on Unused Ballot Container Seal; sign Seal.
    2. Determine the number of unused ballots (use “Ballot Statement Worksheet”); record number on Line 2 of Ballot Statement.
    3. Count number of spoiled and canceled ballots in plastic Spoiled/Canceled Ballot envelope with yellow label; record number on front of envelope and on Line 3 of Ballot Statement.
    4. Count number of surrendered Vote by Mail ballots in plastic Spoiled Ballot envelope with yellow label; record number on front of envelope -do not record this number on Ballot Statement.
    5. Place spoiled, canceled, and surrendered Vote by Mail ballots back into Spoiled/Canceled Ballot envelope with yellow label and seal envelope.
    6. Place Spoiled/Canceled envelope, and all unused ballots and stubs from issued ballots into Unused Ballot Container. Close lid.
    7. Insert maroon locks through holes at each end of lid; lock each of the maroon locks.
    8. Sign, then place Unused Ballot Container Seal across opening on lid.
  • Open Ballot Box (break lock). Remove all contents and separate blue/pink envelopes from precinct ballots.
    1. Count voted blue Vote by Mail ballot envelopes.

      Record number on front of large plastic Vote by Mail envelope with blue label and Line 10 of Ballot Statement. If none, write “0.” Place Vote by Mail ballots into large plastic envelope with blue label. Seal envelope.

    2. Count voted pink Provisional ballot envelopes.

      Record number on front of large plastic Provisional ballot envelope with pink label and Line 4 of Ballot Statement. If none, write “0.” Place Provisional ballots into large plastic envelope with pink label. Seal envelope.

    3. Count secrecy envelopes with voted ballots still inside.

      Record number on Line 5 of Ballot Statement, Line 2 of Certificate of Packaging and Sealing, and white label on top of “A box.” Also, record number in long hand and numerals on Certificate of Completion (back cover of Combined Roster).

  • Record number of voters who signed Combined Roster plus Roster for Curbside Voting on Line 7 of Ballot Statement, and Line 3 of Certificate of Packaging and Sealing.
  • Open Disabled Access Unit (DAU) “closing envelope.” Follow closing instructions (in grey binder) carefully.
  • Complete DAU Reconciliation Log; record number of cast ballots on Line 8 of Ballot Statement.
  • Complete Ballot Statement using “Ballot Statement Worksheet.” If totals do not match, count again. If they still do not match, stop counting, write explanation at bottom of Ballot Statement and continue with closing the polls procedures.
  • Sign Certificate of Completion (back cover of Combined Roster). Confirm all declarations, oaths, certificates have been completed and signed.
  • Place the following items in plastic Roster-Index envelope with white label and check off on label:
    1. Combined Roster
    2. Roster for Curbside Voting
    3. Precinct – Street Index (both copies)
    4. Completed voter registration cards
    5. Street Address Update List
  • Remove ballot cards from secrecy envelopes. Bundle empty secrecy envelopes.
  • Organize voted ballot cards so all “corner cuts” are in upper left corner; place into “A Box.”
  • Complete Certificate of Packaging and Sealing. Record number from remaining red plastic lock (in blue supply pouch) onto Certificate (line 1).
    1. Fold yellow copy and place inside “A Box.”
    2. Fold white copy and place in small postage-paid white envelope addressed to ROV Office.
  • Complete and sign “A Box” Seal(s) (white paper seal(s) with spaces for signatures)
    1. If you have 1 “A Box”

      Place seal across open edge(s) of box so that it is not possible to open box without removing or cutting seal. Do not cover the number of ballots enclosed, written on label. Do not enclose “A Box” in another container.

    2. If you have 2 “A Boxes”

      Seal each box as explained above (even if one is empty), then tape boxes together using tape provided on lid of box. Do not enclose “A Boxes” in another container.

  • Disassemble DAU booth and JBC. See instructions (in gray binder).
  • Disassemble voting booths. Refer to “Mark-A-Vote Booth Assembly Instructions” (in gray binder).
    1. Place legs under elastic straps inside lid of booth.
    2. Label booth handle with note if damaged or defective (for example: broken light).
    3. Set aside leg extenders from Mark-A-Vote wheelchair accessible voting booth.
  • Pack Ziploc supply bag with the following:
    1. Poly sleeve signs (from outside)
    2. Flag
    3. Magnifying sheet
    4. Styrofoam ball
  • Pack list of Vote by Mail Voters and miscellaneous supplies that were removed from Election Supplies Box back into box.
  • Pack charger into clear transport pouch. Keep cell phone and clear pouch with you; do not turn off phone or place in pouch until you reach assigned Return Center;
  • Place the following items into Ballot Box:
    1. Election Supplies Box
    2. Gray binder
    3. Roster-Index Envelope with white label
    4. Vote by Mail Envelope with blue label
    5. Provisional Envelope with pink label
    6. Ziploc supply bag
    7. Voting booth leg extenders from wheelchair accessible Mark-A-Vote booth (4)
    8. Empty secrecy envelopes, bundled.
  • Lock Ballot Box with red plastic lock.