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Instructions for Inspectors & Clerks: Transporting Ballots & Supplies

  • Confirm you have the following separate items ready to transport to Return Center:
    1. A box” containing voted ballot cards; yellow copy of Certificate of Packaging and Sealing.
    2. Ballot Box, containing:
      • Election Supplies Box
      • Gray binder
      • Roster-Index envelope with white label
      • Vote by Mail envelope with blue label
      • Provisional envelope with pink label
      • Ziploc supply bag
      • Voting booth leg extenders (4)
      • Empty secrecy envelopes bundled
      • surge protector
    3. Unused Ballot Container: containing unused ballots and stubs; Spoiled/Canceled Ballot envelope with yellow label.
    4. Voting booths, JBC, and Disabled Access Unit (DAU) booth with lock on DAU handle.
    5. Wire frames from outside signs.
    6. Modification supplies (if applicable) e.g. wedge, cones, parking signs, Call Box, etc.
    7. Cell Phone: turned on and readily available.
    8. Clear transport pouch with Election Assistant and charger, and cell phone charger.
    9. Postage-paid envelope containing white copy of Certificate of Packaging and Sealing.
  • Select one clerk to mail postage-paid envelope on the way home. If no mail box is convenient, envelope may be mailed from home the next day; it must be received by Registrar of Voters promptly.
  • Select a different clerk to accompany Inspector to transport ballots and supplies to assigned Return Center. Refer to the Letter of Appointment or call Registrar of Voters at (707) 565-6800 or toll free at (800) 750-8683 for the location. The law requires that 2 people transport voted ballots (same vehicle).
  • At Return Center, proceed single file. Follow traffic markers and directions from Return Center staff who will remove and inventory supplies and ballots.
    1. Place cell phone in its clear transport pouch, then give pouch to Field Support Officer.
    2. Obtain Receipts for supplies.
  • Return clerk to his/her vehicle left at polling place, if necessary.