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Mark-A-Vote Booth Instructions

Assembly Instructions

  1. Release latches of “suitcase-style” booth; lift lid.
    Picture of booth lid being held open

    Note: Do not allow lid to lean back without support; hold or lean lid against a wall until you complete Step #3.

  2. Remove legs (and small leg extenders, if present); set aside.
  3. Raise left and right plastic “privacy shields;” use clips to secure to booth lid (holds booth open).
    Picture of clips securing booth lid with the plastic privacy shield
  4. Tip booth backward to expose underside.
  5. Insert metal leg tube into leg hole; turn leg clockwise to lock.
    Picture of leg inserted in hole on bottom of booth, and person turning leg clockwise

    Repeat for each leg.

  6. To create a wheelchair accessible booth:
    • Retrieve large leg extenders from the Ballot Box.
    • Insert large extenders into front leg holes.
    • Insert small extenders into rear leg holes.
    • Repeat Step 5.
  7. Return booth to upright position and place on floor.
    Picture of booths with legs assembled and upright

    Unwind electrical chord.

  8. Create a “daisy chain” by plugging each booth into the adjacent booth’s outlet (inside lid, next to the light panel).
    Picture of person plugging a booth into the adjacent booth’s outlet

    Plug the last booth of the daisy chain into the wall outlet.

Disassembly Instructions (Closing Polls Procedures)

Follow assembly instructions in reverse order to disassemble booths, except place all 4 leg extenders in Ballot Box.