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Disabled Access Unit (DAU) Information

Introducing the eSlate® with Verifiable Ballot Option (VBO), a state-of-the-art voting system that captures your votes electronically and on a voter-verified paper audit trail. The system is accurate, secure and meets all the requirements of the Help America Vote Act. Best of all, the eSlate is easy to use.

Picture of Voting System Components. The eSlate device contains a viewable screen on top and the following input buttons on the bottom (from left to right): Cast Ballot, Help, Enter, and a Select Wheel. The eSlate can also be operated with Tactile Switches, and supports Headphones for listening. The eSlate has a Verifiable Ballot Option (VBO) with a Paper Record.

Sonoma County’s accessible voting system provides all voters with the opportunity to cast their ballots privately and without assistance. Voters can listen to eSlate instructions and ballot options through headphones or navigate and cast a ballot using highly sensitive jelly switches or a personal assistive device.

For more information, contact the Registrar of Voters Office.