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Election Calendars

June 2, 2015 Special Election

Start DateEnd DateEvent
3/4/20156/1/201524- Hour Campaign Finance Reporting Period
3/6/2015 Consolidation Deadline, measures
3/6/2015 Tax rate statements deadline, bond measures
3/7/2015 Measure Letter assignments
3/11/2015 Deadline to amend/withdraw measure
3/16/2015 Argument Deadline
3/16/2015 Impartial analysis due
3/26/2015 Rebuttal deadline (only if opposing arguments are filed)
4/3/2015 Military/Overseas 60 Day Ballots
4/23/2015 Pre-election Campaign Finance Statement Due
4/23/2015 First day sample ballots may be mailed
5/4/2015 Voting by mail opens
5/18/2015 Registration Deadline
5/18/2015 First day to process vote by mail ballots
5/21/2015 Pre-election Campaign Finance Statement Due
5/26/2015 Deadline to request VBM ballots by mail
7/2/2015 Deadline to certify election results

November 3, 2015 Consolidated Elections

Start DateEnd DateEvent
8/5/201511/2/201524-Hour Campaign Finance Reporting Period
7/1/2015 Notification deadline, district director elections
7/3/2015 * Specifications deadline, school district
7/13/20158/7/2015Nominations open
8/7/2015 Nominations deadline
8/7/2015 Consolidation deadline, measures
8/7/2015 Tax rate statements deadline, bond measures
8/8/2015 * Measure letter assignments
8/12/2015 Extended nomination deadline
8/12/2015 Deadline to amend/withdraw measure
8/13/2015 Random Alpha Drawing
8/17/2015 Argument deadline
8/17/2015 Impartial analysis due
8/27/2015 Rebuttal deadline (only if opposing arguments are filed)
9/4/2015 Military/Overseas 60 Day Ballots
9/24/2015 Pre-election Campaign Finance Statement Due
9/24/2015 First day sample ballots may be mailed
10/5/2015 Voting by mail opens
10/19/2015 Registration deadline
10/22/2015 Pre-election Campaign Finance Statement Due
10/27/2015 Deadline to request VBM ballots by mail
11/23/2015 Deadline to certify election results

*For dates that fall on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, use the next regular business day for transactions.